CNC Workholding Metrics

Questions You Need to Ask Yourself Today!

Q: Currently, how many different workholding/fixturing systems do you utilize throughout your facility? How do you decide which system you will use and is it ever/often customized?

A: How much of a cost reduction do you anticipate by standardizing how you hold, locate, fix and find workpieces inside the machine tool. Would quality improve?

Q: How much time do you spend setting up workholding/fixtures for a job? How frequently do you changeover?

A: How many more parts could you run in a shift if we could reduce set up times 80 – 90%?

Q: How many times do you handle the workpiece/part before it is completed or currently, how many operations?

A: What would profits look like if we could guarantee you can finish parts in 1 to 3 (MAX) operations?

Q: How many parts are you currently running in the machine tool at one time?

A: What would your spindle-up-time look like if we could double, triple or quadruple the number of workpieces you are machining at once?

Q: Are your concerns about rigidity preventing great or even proper access to the workpiece? How confident would you be today to run a tabbing operation?

A: Would you like to test a vise or dovetail holder that guarantees tremendous access to the workpiece without jeopardizing rigidity or holding power?